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New Skillshare Class: How to Create Stamp Brushes in Photoshop and Create

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Archive

How to Create Stamp Brushes in Photoshop & Procreate
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Hi Friends! 

Hope you are all doing well  😊 I’m so excited to announce a new class now live on Skillshare, “How to Create Stamp Brushes in Photoshop & Procreate”

I spent the last couple of months filming and outlining my process on how to teach others to create Photoshop brushes in this class. I also spent a couple of months trying to figure out on how to convert them over to the Procreate app to use on the iPad. After much research and trial and error, I’ve finally put together a cohesive step by step process! 

Use the link to earn 2 months free to try Skillshare, you can use it to take my class or any other classes on Skillshare! Happy learning 😊

Video 1: Introduction Video
Video 2: Goal Setting and Class Project
Video 3: Tools and Equipment
Video 4: Pinterest Boards  
Video 5: Brush Cleanup in Photoshop
Video 6: Setting up your Brush Document and Testing Brushes
Video 7: Saving Brushes One by One
Video 8: Painting Photoshop Brushes from Scratch 
Video 9: Importing Brushes into Procreate 
Video 10: Procreate Brush Conversion and Sharing

Let me know if you have any questions! 

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