New Tie-Dye Clothing Shop!

New Tie-Dye Clothing Shop!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new Tie-Dye Clothing Shop! I’m offering tons of tie-dye products on hoodies, sweaters, sports bras, crop tops, fanny packs, leggings, joggers, backpacks, tie-dye t-shirts, face masks, neck gaiters, hand lettered art prints, stickers, and so much more! Every day I’m uploading new products on my shop for men, women, unisex sizes, and kids t-shirts and clothing!

I wanted to start offering my work onto printed products and clothing, I’ve partnered up with printing them through Printful. I’ve ordered a couple of sweaters and leggings through them to check out the quality and so I will be posting videos of how they look soon. If you haven’t connected with me on Instagram, hop over to the app and follow me to check out the latest products, will be offering prizes in the near future. Follow me @_thegypsygoddess

If you have any questions or are interested in seeing a specific pattern on a product, please feel free to reach out with any questions! Email is

Don’t forget to check out my tie-dye Tie-Dye Clothing Shop here.

Tie-Dye Etsy Shop
4th of July Digital Tie-Dye Patterns!

4th of July Digital Tie-Dye Patterns!

4th of July Digital Tie-Dye Patterns

Get them here on my Creative Market Shop!

4th of July Digital Tie-Dye Patterns

I’m so excited about this new set of Digital Tie-Dye patterns I created for 4th of July! This is great to use on all of your fun print and digital projects! Great to use for digital papers, zoom backgrounds, and onto fun printed products! The possibilities are endless! I’ve been wanting to create some tie-dye inspired patterns for 4th of July for a while now.

I love coming up with new ideas and themes for more fun digital tie-dye patterns in Photoshop, after all, I am a digital artist! Check these patterns out on my Creative Market shop, they are available to purchase as a set of JPEG and PSD editable files. You can choose from three different license options: personal, commercial, and extended licensing.

Formatted for zoom backgrounds! Use them on your zoom meetings.

This product is great to use on all of your fun print and digital projects! Bump up your creative projects with this unique set of backgrounds. Great for T-shirts, Posters, and on Products!!

Ideal for use on web, digital, or print related projects : (such as websites, PPT presentations, email templates, headers, blogs, printed pieces, formatted for Zoom Video Backgrounds and many more!)

What’s included in the package:

  • Images are High Resolution: 7200 px wide by 5500 px
  • High Quality and Resolution (150 DPI) RGB, can always be increased or decreased in size
  • Fully Editable 5 PSD files, with shapes in its own layer, change the colors as you please!
  • 5 JPEG images included high resolution for business cards, flyers, album covers, print or digital, etc.
  • 5 Zoom JPEG backgrounds formatted at 1920px by 1080px
  • Ready to Use

Check out my Digital Tie-Dye Brush Sets that I used in combination to create these backgrounds!

Spirals Vol. 2

Spirals Vol. 3

Grab a variety of free Zoom Backgrounds here on my Gumroad shop:

I had a ton of fun creating some of these patterns a few weeks ago, I love creating digital tie-dye patterns and I wanted to challenge myself to start making different kinds of themes that people could find useful for some of their projects.

4th of July is a holiday celebrated in the United States of America when we declared our freedom from the King of Britain in 1776. You can find more history on Wikipedia here. This is also a great time to celebrate with family and friends in the summer, its definitely my favorite time of the year to go to the beach. I hope you have a happy 4th of July celebration!

Check out this design on my Redbubble Shop printed onto masks, t-shirts, dresses, and onto other fun products!

Get this Digital Tie-Dye American Flag printed on products here on my Redbubble Shop

Get this Digital Tie-Dye American Flag printed on products here on my Redbubble Shop

Triangle Alchemy

Triangle Alchemy

Triangle Alchemy – Vector Illustration Set

Create stunning works of art on products, book designs, album covers, posters, business cards – use for websites and print projects! If you can think it, you can create! Create unlimited possibilities with this vector set of triangles, arrows, zodiac signs, palms, moons, and many more! Customize these designs to your heart’s desire!

No matter how big or small your project, these vector files can scale to any size!

Triangle Alchemy Vector Set Includes:

  • Over 100 Elements: 8 unique hand-crafted Triangle Alchemy symbols & 61 design elements
  • Ai and EPS files – vector elements scale to any size
  • Layered PSD files of each Triangle Alchemy Set.
  • Each element saved as a PNG file for ready use (TIP: Open PNG files in Photoshop and double click layer to apply a color overlay of your choice.)
  • Formatted for Adobe Illustrator Adobe CC
Design Elements Extra _ Triangle Alchemy _ TheyGypsyGoddess
Extra Design Elements
Perfect Union print_Mockup of a poster_DianePascual_TheGypsyGoddess_check it out Redbubble
Mockup of one of my prints on my Redbubble Shop, check it out here
All Seeing Eye | Intuition
Perfect Union Vector
Infinite Spirit
As Above So Below | Fate in Your Hands
Transmutation | The Feminine

Triangles are symbols for mind, body, and spirit connection, and is associated with the number 3 in numerology. The inverted triangle is the feminine symbol/water element and the upright triangle is the masculine symbol and also a symbol of the fire element. Alchemy is a magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. I wanted to create a vector set of conscious art that can be used on many products, I looked at all of the symbols I liked and created my own set of triangle sets based on some universal principles. Create your own or use these fun designs. Triangles remind us of our own spirituality from within – that we are always constantly creating our destiny! =)


Happy Creating!

Any questions, please feel free to send me an email!

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Original Published on Creative Market June 28, 2016 © Diane Pascual

Astrology Vector Set & Birth Chart

Astrology Vector Set & Birth Chart

Astrology Vector Set and birth chart

New product updates! I recently added a few new features to one of my older products on Creative Market! Check it out below!

I created this set originally for the spiritual entrepreneur or creative person who wanted to showcase their work on the web. This is also great for printed projects! Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files are easily translatable for web or print! As an Astrology enthusiast, I love creating graphics for those who may be interested in using vector artwork like this onto ebooks, blogs, printed books, or onto visual branding! The sky’s the limit, create whatever you want with this work! Display images are there to show inspiration!

Cover Art - AstrologyVectorSet & Birth Chart _ The Gypsy Goddess - Diane Pascual
Astrology Vector Set available on Creative Market

What’s included in the Astrology Vector Set:

  • 1 Blank Birth Chart template in Adobe Illustrator file, EPS, PNG, PDF,
  • 1 Zodiac Wheel with signs, planets, and sign names specific to 12 houses in Ai, EPS, PSD, JPEG
  • 12 Vector Zodiac Sign Symbols in SVG and PNG file formats
  • 10 Vector Planet set in SVG and PNG file formats
  • Vector layout of all planets and signs with names (Europa Font link Below)
  • Backgrounds in HIGH RES Jpegs
  • 1 PSD Astrology Design elements in layers
  • 3 different PSD poster layouts to customize your own birth charts

Free Font Links:

Excited that I got a chance to update this product and provide cool graphics that others can use onto their creative projects!

I also recently added a blank vector birth chart to this set and a few different layouts to create fun birth charts. This vector set comes with editable Adobe Illustrator CC files so you can arrange the layout how ever you want! Find the product here on my Creative Market Shop!

Blank Birth Chart Template - AstrologyVectorSet & Birth Chart _ The Gypsy Goddess - Diane Pascual
Blank Birth Chart Template – Editable Adobe Illustrator file and EPS file

Gold layout of this poster included below as a psd file with gold layer styles. Get creative with creating art for clients, friends, or personal art!

Gold BirthChart_AstrologyVectorSet & Birth Chart _ The Gypsy Goddess - Diane Pascual
Gold Birth Chart layout

Comes with a few poster layouts in psd formats with backgrounds, original vector set comes comes separately for easy placement into projects!

Custom Posters_AstrologyVectorSet & Birth Chart _ The Gypsy Goddess - Diane Pascual
Create Custom Posters
Backgrounds_AstrologyVectorSet & Birth Chart _ The Gypsy Goddess - Diane Pascual
Comes with these two backgrounds to use onto poster layouts or visual branding for the web or as social media graphics or banners!
Vector Planets and Signs _ Astrology Vector Set_TheGypsyGoddess DianePascual
Vector symbols – planets and signs included!

I’m also offering a free JPEG and PDF download of this birth chart to print, download it here for free​!

To learn more about getting a free birth chart online, visit – go to Free Astro Chart and learn more about your own personal birth chart! Check out Cafe Astrology for more in depth descriptions on the signs and planets! Have fun, record your own chart by using the chart below as a printout!

Free Blank Birth Chart Printable PDF and JPEG files! Download here

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Aquarius Pattern and Design Process

Aquarius Pattern and Design Process

Aquarius pattern, I created a few weeks ago. I really love creating galaxy-inspired patterns in Photoshop and a year ago I was trying to keep up with creating once a month in the sign of the zodiac sign. This year I’m going to do better!

Aquarius sign: The eleventh sign on the zodiac, Aquarius is all about the future, change, and are visionaries. They love communities of friends, family, and acquaintances. The element associated with Aquarius is Air, and that means the rarefied air of the intellectual. Aquarians will accomplish much with their broad and logical minds, entertaining complex and scientific ideas for the betterment of all. That said, they are also artistic and inventive. It’s all in the spirit of creating a better world, hopefully one in keeping with their broad-minded beliefs. Aquarians believe that their offbeat, original approach will win the day, and that new thought is what is needed to change the world. Those born under this sign are altruistic, humane people who are determined to make a difference. Source here.

I created this pattern in Photoshop in combination with two Photoshop brush sets I created a year ago that I also sell here on my shop and on Creative Market. You can get them here 10 ink blot Photoshop brushes and the 15 Watercolor Stamp Photoshop brushes here.

Also this pattern is available on fun products on my Society6 store, check it out here

Or check it out on my Redbubble Shop! 

Photoshop Process:

  • First, I figure out a color scheme that I like and generally have one color I want repeated throughout. In this case I chose a royal blue for the background as the vibe and is consistent throughout. I really love mixing pastel colors with bright neon colors, I think it makes for an interesting color scheme.
  • Then I usually have a mid-tone color that’s brighter than the background and I adjust the layer effect with changing the opacity to be a little less or even change the blend mode to color dodge or multiply/darken.
  • Then I repeat the process with duplicating the layers and moving the shapes around to get an interesting composition.
  • Then I add the darker shapes in different areas where I want more contrast, then adding a neon color that would offset the blues, in this case the neon turquoise.
  • Then the last thing I add are the white dots for the starts to make it look galaxy like

I’ll be adding another one for Pisces in the next week, stay tuned!

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Neon Floral – Summer Collection

Neon Floral – Summer Collection

Newest product released!

Beach inspiration is so much fun! I love the pinks and turquoises for the summer. I’m a regular beach goer and lover of spending time in the outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is to lay out on the beach to bronze and relax with an entrepreneurial book while I unplug from work and technology! Lately I’ve been inspired by florals, pinks, turquoise and neon colors. I love the way pastels and neon go together.

Here’s a little mood board I had put together for one of my newest pattern called “Neon Floral” See the the pattern below, also available on my Redbubble shop on print on demand products! Stay tuned for more patterns coming soon in this collection!


Neon Floral