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Digital Tie-Dye Pattern Making Class in Photoshop now on Gumroad!

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Digital Tie-Dye Pattern Making Class in Photoshop $18 on Gumroad!

An intro class to creating digital tie-dye patterns in Photoshop. Whether you want to take this class for fun or to start creating digital tie-dye patterns, the tips and techniques I teach in this class will help you get started to creating your first pattern. You can create patterns for home decor, products, t-shirts, social media, blogging, or websites. The sky’s the limit! This Photoshop course is more geared towards intermediate Photoshop users, beginning Photoshop class coming soon!

This is an original class that I published on Skillshare in 2016! If you have a membership, this class is free! You can also try Skillshare and receive two free months with this Skillshare link, click here.

Buy Class on Gumroad

7 Class Downloadable Videos included:

1. Intro Video

2. Finding Inspiration

Video 2 - Finding Inspiration _ Diane Pascual - The Gypsy Goddess

In this video I talk about how to find inspiration online, how to choose a color scheme and creating a mood board.

You can also find an extended video on creating a mood board in Photoshop on my YouTube Channel, Creating a Mood Board using Art boards in Photoshop.

3. Getting Started

Video 3 - Setting Up Your File in Photoshop - Diane Pascual _ The Gypsy Goddess

In this video I help you get started with setting up your file in Photoshop and installing the Photoshop brushes, templates included.

4. Visual Design Principles

Video 4 - Visual Design Principles - Diane Pascual - The Gypsy Goddess

Visual compositions, variations, balance, typography placement, focal point/area of emphasis, color, etc.

5. Creating a Digital Tie-Dye Pattern

Video 5 Creating a Digital Tie Dye Pattern - Diane Pascual - The Gypsy Goddess

This video walks you throw how to use layers and how to create a design in Photoshop.

6. Refining Your Pattern

Video 6 - Refining Your Pattern in Photoshop - Diane Pascual - The Gypsy Goddess

This video talks about refining your pattern even more with a few tips and tricks along the way in Photoshop.

7. Final Thoughts/Tweaks

Video 7 - Final Thoughts - Diane Pascual - The Gypsy Goddess

This video talks about how to save your work, final tweaks and suggestions you can make to your work!

Take My Class

Create a Project for this Class:

Create your very first digital tie-dye pattern with tie-dye photoshop brushes provided in class for digital print or web output. Includes a download of the templates, 5 free brushes file, and PDF resource page from the zip file attached. Discount included in the resources to get $7 off my Digital Tie Dye 3 Brush Bundle set when you buy here on Gumroad –

Find photo and color inspiration online, create your pattern, apply some of the techniques described in class and save your photos as jpeg. Show your creative work and how you can be creative using the brushes provided! Have fun! You can post it in the comments below this post! Let me know if you found this class helpful!

1. Photo tie-dye inspiration

2. Photo color inspiration/ Create a mood board

3. Jpeg of your finished tie-dye pattern

4. Describe what you will use it for, website, social media, home decor, or for products.

For questions or support contact me

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