How to Get a Subtle Digital Tie-Dye Design Look

How to Get a Subtle Digital Tie-Dye Design Look

There's a couple of different ways to get this subtle digital tie-dye look without having to spend money on supplies, ink, or trying to DIY it onto actual fabric. 

There's a reason I decided to experiment into creating digital tie-dye patterns and backgrounds in Photoshop--I wanted to create sustainable design. And to also test out designs without having to do print runs and waste money spending on materials and supplies. Hence why I started creating Digital Tie-Dye Photoshop Brushes.

This blue "Subtle Tie-Dye" seamless pattern was created from one of my Photoshop brush sets that you can download from my shop directly and install it on your very own computer to start creating these patterns. This "Subtle Tie-Dye" seamless pattern comes with a variety of different colors and a Photoshop PSD file that you can open up and change the colors to your liking! It comes with instructions on how you can get started in using these seamless patterns in Photoshop. 

Subtle Tie-Dye Seamless Patterns - The Gypsy Goddess

Subtle Tie-Dye Seamless Pattern - The Gypsy Goddess

If you would like to learn more, check out my YouTube Channel for more video tutorials on digital tie-dye seamless pattern making in Photoshop! 

Also check out my Photoshop Brush Set, "Ink Blot Tie-Dye Photoshop Brushes Vol 2" in my Digital Shop.

Ink Blot Tie-Dye Photoshop Brushes Vol 2


I also love to paint in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet and love recreating traditional design looks in Photoshop. There's a way to create something and make it into yours without directly copying something that already exists. A few of the ways you can do that is to changing up the shape sizes, compositions, colors, and placement of the shapes in relation to each other. It' all about balancing your design to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

And if you'd like to learn more, I do have a brand new Skillshare that I launched on "How to Create a Seamless Tie-Dye Patterns in Photoshop". In this course I break down how to set up your document in Photoshop, how to build your pattern, as well as give you instructions on how to create a seamless pattern using the offset filter in Photoshop! I also include a couple of free brushes in the class! Check it out and start creating your very own seamless pattern. 

 How to Create a Seamless Digital Tie-Dye Pattern